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                                         ...with a Quail Mountain Morgan you can!


We believe in the Original Type Morgan, Ancient Type Morgan, Old Style Morgan horse and see no need to change or improve the original horse - over 200 years in the making.  While some desire to change the horse for "today's needs", we believe this perceived need is unwarranted.  The original horse continues to excel in 2015 and with the help of dedicated breeders, it will in the future. 

Our horses have bright and engaging personalities.  They are healthy and sound.  They are athletic with great brains.  They are challenging and rewarding.
If you are looking for a versatile horse and want to "do it all", a  pure Lippitt  Morgan from Quail Mountain Morgans is for you! Reining,  Combined Driving, Pleasure Driving, Pleasure Riding, Jumping, Dressage, or Primary Work on small family farms, ranches, or homesteads....with a Quail Mountain Morgan  - you can!

Check back when you can, as we will update our photos often. 

       Pure Lippitt Morgan Horses bred in Kentucky